Because of our emphasis on the church as a local company of baptized believers, it is not surprising that the local church is at the centre of the life of the Association.  It is the front line of mission to the world.  There are presently 117 churches in the Association.  They are self-governing and self-financing.

Churches' Council

Each church appoints at least two representatives to for the Association Churches' Council.  It is the body meeting twice each year which appoints the committees and Association Officers, approves the policy and practice of the Association and reviews the undertaken on its behalf.

Executive Committee

Between meetings of the Churches' Council the work of the Association is under the control of the Executive Committee, 18 Church Representatives appointed by the Council.

Management Committees

There are 8 Management Committees which are responsible for the work carried on by the Association departments.

1.  Baptist Missions

the main aims of Baptist Missions is evangelization of others and establishing and fostering churches of the Baptist faith and order

2.  Baptist Women

Encourages women to play their full part in our life and witness by promoting fellowship, prayer, study and conference

3. Baptist Youth

Fosters and promotes the churches' ministry among children and young people

4. Northern and Southern Regional Development Committee

Promote fellowship among the churches through shared evangelism and conference

5. Training

Promotes training among the churches and operates the Irish Baptist College which seeks to train men and women for pastoral and necessary services

6. Finance and Services Committees

Service the financial and administrative work of the Association

7. Caring Ministries

By means of the Orphan Society, Annuity Fund and Baptist Aid provides support for those in need.