Caring for the Lord's servants

This work is carried on through a fund established in the 1920s known as the Annuity Fund.  The initial intent was to provide some income in retirement for those who had served the churches and Association in a full-time capacity.  This was the age before pension schemes were thought of and when income was low or at times in kind.

With the advent of pension schemes in the 1980s this fund was closed to new entrants in 1984.  It now provides support related to income for all those who have 10 or more years' service prior to 1984 in one of the Association churches or Departments.

Support is provided in the form of a charitable donation related to income, years of service and the funds available to the fund.

It is of great value to those who have served our Association over the years of significant advance in the period 1940 - 1980.