Churches Council

The authority for the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland rests with the churches themselves. Each church is permitted to appoint at least 2 representatives who collectively will form the Churches' Council. The Council meets twice in a year and appoints the Association Officers, Directors and Committees, approves the policy and practice of the Association and reviews the work undertaken on its behalf.

Executive Committee

Consisting of 18 Church Representatives appointed by the Council the Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the work of the Association between meetings of the Council.

Department Management Committees

The Churches' Council also appoints management committees to oversee the work of the various ministries of the Association.

Alan Baird

Alan Baird


Alan was pastor in a number of Baptist churches prior to taking up a post in the Irish Baptist College in 2007. After retirement he has continued to teach part-time in the are of Pastoral Studies. Alan has served in many roles in Association life.

Peter Firth

Peter Firth

Vice President

After some 25 years of pastoral experience in Ireland and Scotland including a period at Charlotte Chapel Edinburgh, Peter joined the Irish Baptist College in August 2010 primarily teaching New Testament and Biblical Languages.

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