Who We Are

Established in 1895, The Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland is a Gospel Partnership of 119 independent local churches who have voluntarily agreed to work together.  These churches have over 8,500 members and represent a Baptist community of over 20,000.

The churches in membership of the Association all affirm the Doctrinal Statement and have agreed to work together to achieve the following aims and vision:

  • Evangelisation of others in obedience to the Lord's Commission
  • Establishment, fostering and maintenance of Churches of the Baptist faith and order in Ireland and overseas.
  • Promotion of fellowship among all the Baptist Churches in Ireland.
  • Provision of opportunities for conference, for joint action on questions affecting the welfare of the churches, and for the co-operation of the churches in the advancement of Baptist principles.
  • Promotion of measures for educating persons called to full-time Christian service.
  • Maintaining of spiritual unity through the fostering of fellowship with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and who adhere to the Doctrine of Scripture expressed in the Doctrinal Statement (section 2: 1) and are faithful to the gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone. 

This Doctrinal Stance and shared vision, along with the blessing of God, has enabled the churches of the Association to carry on fruitful and faithful ministry together for over 120 years.  In a world where disunity and fracture are commonplace our Association of Churches has much to offer. 

If you are a gospel centred church with baptistic beliefs and can affirm the Doctrinal Statement we would encourage you to consider joining and partnering with us. This partnership is a two way process that leads to mutual support and encouragement as we work together to see the Good News of Jesus Christ impact the island of Ireland and beyond. If, as a church, you wish to know more about joining the Association please feel free to get in contact.



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