A new start in North Belfast

Posted: 08-03-2016

A new Baptist Church Fellowship commenced its life on Sunday, 5 July 2015. The challenge being taken up is that of replanting a church in the Antrim Road area.

The inaugural meeting with interested folk gathered emphasised the need to present the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only hope for the community around. The work is presently led by Albert McDonald who is thankful for support from friends and the Carryduff Church.

Links are already being made with the local community through the Play group and also the community organisation Tar Isteach. This is a group of volunteers who rent the old church manse and who give advice on various social issues.

Tar Isteach organised a community event and the North Belfast Community Fellowship provided the beef burgers for one of the events. This was deeply appreciated, built bridges and give visibility to the NBC Fellowship.

Please pray for this fledging work in this needy district in North Belfast district. Pray that God will open doors for the good news of Jesus. Pray, too, that sufficient help will be raised up to grow the work.

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